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Cumin– Summary

Cumin or jeera is a commonly used ingredient in the preparation of various foods. Primarily helpful in digestion, Cumin is considered a great source of iron, manganese, and other vital vitamins and minerals. According to Ayurveda, it provides strength to these organs and reduces the chances of infections by fighting off microbes and bacteria.

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Eucalyptus – Summary

Eucalyptus is a source of heating power that decreases Vata while augmenting pitta. Commonly used in household cleaning solutions, eucalyptus boasts a healthy aroma and intense cleansing abilities. It is often used in spas and saunas for both refreshment and cleansing purposes. In some countries including India, eucalyptus trees are sometimes used as timber for building.

Dharmsala Teas with Eucalyptus


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Bibhitaki- Summary

One of the constituents of ‘Triphala’,Bibhitaki is a fruit and widely used for many digestive disorders like diarrhea, biliousness, dyspepsia, etc. In Sanskrit, it means “fearless of disease”. It is found throughout India and for centuries, its leaves, fruits, and bark have been used in the treatment of various diseases. Its fruits are bitter, astringent, analgesic, brain stimulant, laxative and expectorant.

Dharmsala Teas with Bibhitaki

 Triphala Green Tea Blend


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Clove- Summary

Also known as Lavang, Clove is a commonly used spice and widely used in the preparation of herbal teas. However, this flavorful, aromatic spice has been conventionally used in treating a wide range of health problems including colds, cough, infection, fever, toxicity, and lot others. It is a very pungent herb that is obtained from the dried flower bud of its tree. Clove is termed as a stimulant and is great for encouraging the digestive fire, accelerating the metabolism, boosting circulation, and even arising the mind.

Dharmsala Teas with Clove


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Cinnamon - Summary

Primarily a sweet, soothing, and striking spice in Indian kitchens, it is also a major Ayurvedic ingredient and known for its amazing therapeutic importance. For thousands of years, it has been an integral part of Ayurveda. It comes in the market in the form of sticks or powder. Some of its common varieties are Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, and Cinnamomum zeylanicum.

Dharmsala Teas with Cinnamon


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