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Our Story

With love, from the Himalayas

Dholadhar and Tea

In 1882, our great-great grandparents came to Dharmsala and immediately fell in love with the beautiful, lush green tea slopes and the majestic, snow-capped Himalayan peaks. That year, when they founded The Dharmsala Tea Company, the Kangra District Gazette described the tea as ‘superior to that produced in any other part of India’.

As sixth generation tea planters, we carefully preserve the tradition of sharing this single - origin Kangra Tea with the rest of the world. Our tea remains evocative of our core values of simplicity, naturalness, purity, love, and sustainability. Culture, philosophy, art, health, friends and nature intersect in Dharmsala, a place that inspires and moulds our values, a place with which our family has been associated for over 135 years.

Towa Tea estate

Our focus on retaining our family heritage and roots in Dharmsala is equally matched by a concerted effort to revive elements – art, philosophy, culture, wildlife and nature - that make Kangra such a distinct region. Kangra Art, for example, flourished here centuries ago but has been bereft of the patronage it once enjoyed. We want to change that. In an effort to revive Kangra art, therefore, our packaging for the teas is inspired by Kangra miniature art. 

Today, Dharmsala Tea Company is about so much more than just tea. Its advocating a way of life. We want to embrace modernity, but not lose what's precious from our past. We want to advance, but not at a pace that adversely affects our health. We want to evolve, but not lose sight of the values that keep us grounded. Its balance that we seek.

In all the rushed madness of today's world, we want our teas to transport you to Dharmsala, a place of peace, calm, and tranquility. So come, take this journey with us. 

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