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 Tea for Wedding Gifts - The Tradition Collection

The Tradition Collection.

An invitation to journey through time and beyond time.

Inspired by the legendary traditions of Indian weddings, our Tradition Collection suggests both a celebration of the rich traditions of our culture and a vision of the future. Aptly reconciling established and modern, contemporary styling of Indian weddings, the teas in this collection are a product of flawless craftsmanship instituted over a century ago. 

Our Tradition Collection for weddings revolves around traditional Indian elements -- rose (gulab), marigold (genda) and jasmine (mogra or kaliyan) and spices, herbs and dry fruits such as holy basil (tulsi), turmeric (haldi), saffron (kesar), cardamom (elaichi), and almonds (badam) -- and weaves intricate, beautiful, handcrafted blends out of them.

We know weddings are a special occasion, and more importantly, a deeply personal mile stone. It's a celebration and coming together of people, friends, and families. And so we offer the brides and grooms-to-be a set of customised tea blends that can be packaged in personalized designs to celebrate the uniqueness of their life stories, their relationships and their hopes and dreams for each other.

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