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Happiness is a Day Started with a Cup of Moringa Tulsi Tea

Known as the ‘Miracle Tea’, Moringa Tea lies true to its name and it goes for good reason. This bright green tea is a treasure house of all-important protein, minerals, and vitamins that promote good health. Having a cup of Moring Tulsi tea in the morning is like saying yes to a happy and healthy life for longer periods of time. This is because it can help you lose your excess weight, control your blood pressure, detoxify your body, and get healthy hair and skin.

Do you know it contains 3 times as much iron as spinach? Apart from this, it contains appropriate amounts of potassium, calcium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, magnesium, Vitamin C, and beta carotene.

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The Healing Blend – A Tea Full of Life

Switching to the Ayurvedic way of maintaining good health can be a game-changer but most of the people complain that how can they go and search for various herbs. This is also true to much extent but this is where our special tea blends make a difference to people’s lives.

Among an extensive range of tea blends, one wonderful option is The Healing Blend. Loaded with the amazing benefits of Hibiscus, this caffeine-free drink is something you must include in your daily chai routine. Whether you want to stay high on health or wish to live full of vigor, the antioxidants present in this tea can help.

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Kashmiri Kahwa Tea: a Deeper Look

Originally, this tea was made in a samovar, a  traditional brass pot, over a coal flame. This tea consists of a number of delicious ingredients including saffron, cinnamon, and almonds. While the tea in itself has many of its drinkers addicted, it’s preparation is not the easiest and leaves many disappointed. Luckily, a number of premium tea blends have come into the market which provides customers the comfort of delectable Kashmiri Kahwa tea at home.

Our Himalayan Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea is one such blend. Made with the finest Kangra leaves, this green tea blend has a number of health benefits that come from its high-quality ingredients which are listed below. 

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Manjistha Teas to Look Out for This Season

Manjistha is easily one of the most versatile and widely used ingredients in modern Ayurvedic recipes with one of the widest range of benefits- as a heating as well as a cooling agent, as a purifier of the lymph and blood circulatory systems and as an active ingredient in herbal skincare and wellness. We have put together some of the finest Manjistha benefits with some of our best organic Ayurvedic ingredients to come up with these Manjistha tea blends. 

With the purifying properties of Manjistha, the cleansing properties of Baluchi, and the goodness of Brahmi and Turmeric, the Raktha Shodhana Blend gives you the best in terms of health benefits. Whether you’re looking for a cure to digestive ailments, help with liver function, a healthier heart, or female wellness, this blend will definitely leave you with effective, long-lasting results.


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Himalayan White Tea –Is it really a Magical Brew?

In recent times especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of white tea has reached a new high. Is it just a fad or there are solid reasons behind that? Being native to India and China, this tea blend comes from the Camellia Sinesis plant.

The erstwhile use of white tea dates back to the Song Dynasty (AD 960 – 1297). The main reason behind the increasing adoption of white tea is its antioxidizing properties that are far better than its green and black counterparts. Another plus point with this variate of tea is that it also contains some levels of caffeine, which makes it an ideal choice for tea drinkers who strive to reduce or stop caffeine consumption.

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