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The Definitive Guide to Immunity and Tea

This article explores what immunity actually means, the different types of immunity, how immunity works, what mechanisms our body employs as part of its defense systems. Further, the article explores the specific ways in which tea (and key compounds present in different types of tea) actually boost immunity. 

Immunity, or our immune system, is the complex group of defense mechanisms that our body employs to repel disease-causing organisms or pathogens. The body’s immunity system is typically capable of discriminating among body’s own cells and foreign entities. As soon as the foreign particle is identified, the collective and coordinated response of specific cells and mediators against strange substances constitutes the body’s immune response.

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Himalayan White Tea –Is it really a Magical Brew?

In recent times especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of white tea has reached a new high. Is it just a fad or there are solid reasons behind that? Being native to India and China, this tea blend comes from the Camellia Sinesis plant.

The erstwhile use of white tea dates back to the Song Dynasty (AD 960 – 1297). The main reason behind the increasing adoption of white tea is its antioxidizing properties that are far better than its green and black counterparts. Another plus point with this variate of tea is that it also contains some levels of caffeine, which makes it an ideal choice for tea drinkers who strive to reduce or stop caffeine consumption.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Manjistha

If you have taken a recent dive into Ayurvedic wellness and have tried to buy products only to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or just plain confused after scanning the names of ingredients you never heard of, you’re definitely not alone.

Manjistha is one such ingredient. An ingredient that has been an Ayurvedic superfood for centuries, Manjistha has recently become popular in the health and wellness industries with popular items like Manjistha teas and Manjistha powders dominating the market-here’s why.

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The Hottest Dharmsala Tulsi Tea Blends

An old classic has been making a comeback to the tea scene in recent times- tulsi tea is once again extremely popular amongst tea drinkers. With its unique antioxidants and Ayurvedic properties, organic Indian tulsi tea is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. It is also said to curb weight loss, help in hair growth and lead to glowing skin.

With organic Indian tulsi tea is a staple in almost every Indian home, we decided to explore our roots and play with flavours that are important to us to create these truly unique blends.

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Five Teas to Help You Beat The Monsoon Blues

Whether you watch the rain through misty windows, enjoy hot, spicy snack as you nestle into your blanket or turn the volume up on the next Netflix episode as it continues to pour outside, tea plays a major role in everyone’s monsoon routine.

Below is a complied list of some of the best teas to invest in to ensure you stay healthy, happy and energised through the rain this year.

1. Ginger Tea

Not only is the earthy ginger flavour irresistibly delicious, it also helps improve stomach performance and helps get rid of colds- two of the biggest health issues that creep up during this time of year. Ginger tea also helps quell nausea and improve blood circulation.  Try our Himalayan Ginger Tea for a quite evening at home or our Yogi Morning Blend tea with the goodness of ginger, lemongrass and tulsi leaves to give your immunity that extra boost.

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