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Five Teas to Help You Beat The Monsoon Blues

Whether you watch the rain through misty windows, enjoy hot, spicy snack as you nestle into your blanket or turn the volume up on the next Netflix episode as it continues to pour outside, tea plays a major role in everyone’s monsoon routine.

Below is a complied list of some of the best teas to invest in to ensure you stay healthy, happy and energised through the rain this year.

1. Ginger Tea

Not only is the earthy ginger flavour irresistibly delicious, it also helps improve stomach performance and helps get rid of colds- two of the biggest health issues that creep up during this time of year. Ginger tea also helps quell nausea and improve blood circulation.  Try our Himalayan Ginger Tea for a quite evening at home or our Yogi Morning Blend tea with the goodness of ginger, lemongrass and tulsi leaves to give your immunity that extra boost.


 2Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is one of the most popular teas this season with a seemingly endless lists of benefits that include stronger immunity, relief from muscle pains, colds and stomach aches and reduction of stress. This enjoyable tea is extremely versatile and is available in many interesting blends. Try our Chamomile Green Tea if you’re looking for some original wellness or try our Himalayan Chamomile Lemongrass Green Tea if you need that little citrus kick to get you through the day.


 3. Mint Tea

If the gloomy weather has got you feeling demotivated, then a refreshing cup of mint tea is just the solution for you. This sleep-friendly tea is great if you’d like to take a nice nap or just relax with family.  If you’re looking for just the right blend of minty freshness and ayurvedic goodness, the Himalayan Mint Green Tea is the perfect tea for you. Give your senses that extra push as you indulge in some refreshing goodness.

 4. Oolong Tea

This unique tea leaves you with glowing skin, stronger bones and whips your immune system into shape. Whether you want to bask in the lap of luxury with our Maharaja Oolong Tea or relax with a therapeutic cup of our Rose Oolong tea, you’ll feel a lot healthier, stronger and happier after just a few drinks.

  5. White Tea

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening with our White Tea with Rose Petals or you’re looking to pamper yourself with the delicate floral scents of our White Peony Tea, we have a multitude of white teas ready to cater to your taste buds this season. 
From making sure your skin looks younger to increasing insulin resistance, this anti-oxidant rich tea blend has numerous benefits and is a truly delightful to drink a cup of.

We hope these teas leave you happier, healthier and stronger as you power through the post-summer rains.

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