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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Manjistha

If you have taken a recent dive into Ayurvedic wellness and have tried to buy products only to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or just plain confused after scanning the names of ingredients you never heard of, you’re definitely not alone.


ManjisthaManjistha is one such ingredient. An ingredient that has been an Ayurvedic superfood for centuries, Manjistha has recently become popular in the health and wellness industries with popular items like Manjistha teas and Manjistha powders dominating the market-here’s why.

 The roots purify the lymph system

ManjisthaMost ingredients derived from the roots of herbs have the unique property of working wonders on the lymph nodes and the Manjistha root is no different. It penetrates the lymph system and gets rid of any toxins present.


It cleans up the bloodstream

RAKTA SHODHANA BLENDPerhaps the most well known Manjistha benefit is its raktha shodana ability. In simpler words, this refers to the Ayurvedic ability to penetrate the blood flow and removing the impurities that contaminate the blood flow. In modern times, with the increasing contamination of air, water and food, this has become even more important. Many believers of Ayurveda claim that a cup of Manjistha tea every day is the secret to them falling sick less and having more energy overall. They attribute this to their cleaner blood and pure lymphatic system.

 It is both a heating and cooling agent

The Manjistha root has a “heavier” nature in Ayurveda, giving it the effect of a cooling agent. This heavy nature also helps it penetrate into the systems of the body and ensure long term benefits. In addition, its potency and effect on digestion point to its heating effect- which is often put to use to cure digestive ailments. This rare mixture of heating and cooling effects is a unique Manjistha benefit and is one of the reasons the Manjistha root is considered essential for overall health and well-being.

 It restores balance in the body

Manjistha powder has a mix of sweetness, bitterness, and astringency of Ayurvedic flavors. These flavors are traditionally used to correct Pitta, or “fire” imbalances in Ayurveda. These imbalances generally lead to blood impurities and digestive ailments, problems for which Manjistha tea or Manjistha powder are often recommended in Ayurvedic medicine. Manjistha root is also used to correct Vaatha or “wind” imbalances, which often lead to restrictions in movement in the limbs or joints. Manjistha powder is often recommended to ease joint and tissue pains.

 It makes for a great skincare routine

With its heavy nature, the properties of the Manjistha root settle into the skin and ensure that the skin stays healthy for a longer period of time. With its Ayurvedic properties of blood and lymphatic node purification, it comes as no surprise that Manjistha skin wellness has gained popularity in recent times as an alternative to quick-fix chemical skin routines.

With all these benefits, it is no wonder that Manjistha products are gaining such widespread traction. Manjistha teas are some of the most popular products being sold, with special Rakthashodana blends catching the attention of many Ayurvedic health practitioners. Trying to incorporate this ingredient into your wellness routine is a decision you definitely won’t regret.


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