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Detox with our Ayurvedic Detox Blend Tea Bags


Detox with our Ayurvedic Detox Blend Teabags

Today’s fast-paced life has made us prone to an unhealthy lifestyle which in turn makes our body full of toxins. The only way to deal with this is to detoxify our body to attain overall health benefits. But have you ever discovered what these toxins are or how they are developed in the body and how they signify themselves?

Have you ever wondered why some health problems never seem to be treated or cured? No medicine, remedy, massages, etc. seem to be working. Modern medicine may not have a reply to this but Ayurveda surely has an answer to this. It defines this incapability to treat specific ailments through the presence of toxins known as “Ama” in the body. Getting rid of these toxins not only restores overall health but also ensures a longer life.

Ayurveda, the oldest “science of life,” is one of the well-described forms of health care in the world. It is an all-inclusive science that puts heavy emphasis on prevention in health through maintaining a perfect balance of body, mind, and soul, or consciousness. Its healing interferences include diet and lifestyle strategies, herbal remedies, yoga, and meditation, as well as a wide range of therapies known as Panchakarma to complement and improve individual Ayurvedic programs.

Some common signs/symptoms of toxins in the body:

  • Lethargy
  • Unbalanced appetite
  • General body and joint pains, especially after eating certain heavy foods, like meat, desserts, cheese, and fried foods.
  • Dust and lusterless skin
  • Bloating, gases, flatulence. Metallic taste in the mouth
  • White coating on the tongue. Foul-smelling breath and sweat
  • Constipation, foul-smelling stools
  • Lack of mental clearness and vigor.
  • A sense of heaviness in the abdomen and legs
  • Feeling tired even after a good night’s sleep

Now when it comes to getting rid of these toxins, Ayurveda has a number of therapies and remedies that are of great value. However, for those who don’t want to get into the detailing of Ayurveda can opt for our Ayurvedic Detox Blend Teabags. This Detox Blend is carefully prepared using our farm-grown Kangra Green Tea, and the two most powerful natural herbs - Tulsi (Holy Basil) and Adrak (Ginger).

A commonly used Ayurvedic herb, Tulsi is largely used in various recipes in Indian households. It is primarily used for its wonderful anti-stress properties. On the other hand, ginger is known for its warming and digestive qualities. This popular blend, full of antioxidants is meant to help your body fight the effects of free radicals, and instantly starts detoxifying the body of amassed ama or toxins.

Backed by years of expertise and great know-how of best Ayurveda practices, our master tea blenders have worked vigorously to ensure that you get the best results of this amazing tea blend. For example, it has two variants of tulsi: Vana tulsi and Rama tulsi. These variants are warm and sweet, with notes of peppermint and cloves. Rama tulsi usually brings a spicy or clove-like touch, while the Vana tulsi is more fragrant and sweeter, with an anise/ fennel-like taste. Furthermore, our Kangra Green Tea contains high levels of catechins and polyphenols like EGCG and EGC that act as powerful antioxidants that prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals in our bodies.

The Final Word

Our various Ayurvedic tea blends like Dandelion Detox Tea Blend, the Rakta Shodhana Blend, the classic Triphala Blend, the ever popular Himalayan Masala Green Tea, The Breathe Better Blend, and The Himalayan Skin Cleanse Blend are all helpful in removing toxins from your body and various dhatus or tissues as well as the circulation channels of the body. So check them out, and move towards a toxins-free body.

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