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5 Reasons to Include These Herbal Teas in Your Daily Life

It’s no longer a secret that people across the globe, particularly Asia, have been relishing herbal teas for their calming properties and awesome taste. They are widely knownfor their rich fragrance but the lesser known fact about herbal teas is their health-boosting effects on our immune system. In fact, herbal teas can help treat various health-related issues – from a minor cold or a graver infection.

With such a wide variety of herbal teas available in the market, sometimes it becomes confusing to choose the right tea blend for your specific needs. Though flavored teas are hugely popular and understood as ‘chic’, they really have little to no therapeutic advantages. Herbal teas, on the other side, are known to provide you with a high level of calmness you crave after a long day at work and can even help you lose weight in addition to upkeeping good health.

Here’re some of the main reasons why our Ayurvedic boost teabags must find a place in your diet.

  1. It aids in digestion
    According to an international study, it has been found that peppermint tea is really wonderful for people with digestion problems. It possesses antiviral and antimicrobial properties that give relief from diarrhea and cures an upset stomach.

In addition, it helps in calming stomach muscles that delay the growth of carcinogenic cells in the pancreas and liver. The phenolic ingredients of peppermint tea include rosmarinic acid along with different types of flavonoids that are made up of hesperidin and lutenin.

At Dharmsala, our mint peppermint tea is a caffeine-free tisane prepared using wild Himalayan mint and peppermint. Its intricate and flavorful, with various layers of mint flavor! It's calming and relaxing, refreshing and vibrant, sweet and just nice.

  1. For powerful detox

Our Moringa Tulsi Green Tea is a great detoxing agent for people. A large number of people use it on a daily basis to improve digestion and ensure better functioning of the liver. Made up of two of the most potent ayurvedic herbs - tulsi and moringa, this tea detoxifies your liver like nothing else. Its tea leaves are hand plucked by tea pluckers who are experts at hand-selecting the freshest tea leaves for their texture and their limpidness. The best thing is that it is freshly packed within 1 day of plucking so that you can experience the true flavor &distinctive aroma of it.



  1. To relieve insomnia
    Insomnia is quite common these days. It has become omnipresent among the teens of today and is typically coupled with stress, anxiety or despair. Some of the most general factors that are known to cause insomnia areheavily demanding school criteria and parental pressure on kids related to academics. As an outcome, many teens end up turning to stress-relieving medicines that lead to dependency in the long run.

Our Ayurvedic Tea Bags are full of nutrients that help you overcome insomnia and other problems reliably. Rich in alkaloids and flavonoids, these tea bags not only help you sleep better at night but also strengthens the overall immune system of your body.

  1. To sharpen memory
    Turmeric tea is one such beverage you must include in your diet if you want to give your memory a boost and possibly prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia in the later part of life. One specific study evealed that excerpts of turmeric are full of agents that restrict the formation of beta-amyloid – a substance that develops the plaques that inhibit cerebral function, leading to Alzheimer’s disease.
  1. For overall relaxation
    In today’s stressful life, people are found to feel demotivated and less on life. This is where our Ayurvedic Tea Bags can do wonders. This tea also has antifungal and antibacterial properties and is best known for its calming properties and endorses sleep too. It has several healing and preventative properties that lead to feelings of calmness.

With so many health benefits of herbal teas, it can easily be said that including them in your daily diet means a healthier and happier life for the long term.

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