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Himalayan Green Tea
Himalayan Green Tea
Himalayan Green Tea
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Himalayan Green Tea

Himalayan Green Tea 

Our Himalayan Green Tea is one of the best green teas produced in India. Green tea is an immunity boosting tea, and is and un-oxidized tea. Kangra green tea is known to have the highest level of anti-oxidants of any green tea in India. 

It closely resembles the original plucked leaf – a small leaf bud rich with abundant nutrients and oils accumulated over the winter. Marked by sprightly citrus fruit accents, its cup profile upholds a mellow yet refreshingly delicate tone. These springtime tea leaves, grown lovingly in our tea estates nestled in the Himalayas situated over 4,000 to 6,000 feet in altitude, bring a freshness reminiscent of the pure, brisk air of the Himalayas. 


Kangra Green Tea 

Potential Health Benefits:

Rich in powerful anti-oxidants and catechins that protect skin cells, lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, boost metabolism, and enhance working memory.

Brewing Instructions:

  1. Scoop one teaspoon (~2gm) of green tea into the infuser for one cup.
  2. Pour in freshly boiled water (ideally at 180°F)
  3. Let it brew for 3-4 min. Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor.
  4. Pour through a strainer and savour the aroma and flavor of this classic tea.
  5. Use again and again, you can steep this tea 2-3 times 


Savor a cup of this medium caffeine delicacy at any time in the day.

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