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Jasmines of Kangra Valley
Jasmines of Kangra Valley
Jasmines of Kangra Valley
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Jasmines of Kangra Valley

About Jasmines of Kangra Valley

Rare and exceptional, oolong tea is married with intoxicatingly fragrant jasmine blossoms grown in Himalayas.The scenting of the tea is a meticulous process taking several days, resulting in an exquisite cup of sublime, sweet flavor. This tea is ideal to wind up your day.This tea is supposed to help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while promoting a healthier stomach and naturally helping enhance your mood.


Hand Rolled Oolong Tea & Jasmine flowers

Potential Health Benefits:

Along with the unique aroma and taste, jasmine tea has many beneficial qualities that help reduce stress and heart attacks, improve the digestive system. It helps prevent cancer, improves digestive processes, and lowers cholesterol. It has also been found to eliminate harmful bacteria and ease chronic inflammation like muscle aches and pains.

    Brewing Instructions:

    1. Scoop one teaspoon (~2gm) of hand rolled Jasmine oolong tea into the infuser for one cup.
    2. Pour in freshly boiled water (ideally at 190°F)
    3. Let it brew for 4-5 min. Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor.
    4. Pour through a strainer and savour the aroma and flavor of this classic tea.
    5. Milk and Sugar may be added to taste. We recommend honey or brown sugar.
    6. Use again and again, you can steep this tea 2-3 times.


    A cup of this tea is perfect to end your day.

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